SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)
SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)

SET M (51x76 cm / 20x30 in)

Normaler Preis €159.99 EUR Sonderpreis €94.49 EUR
inkl. MwSt.

Mozabrick is a customized photo construction set. You can create a masterpiece of your own and put it on the wall.

We have three sizes of mosaic art: S, M, and L. The sizes are quite universal and help you to create anything you want.

 Set S: 51x51 cm/20x20 in, 5800 pieces. Great for selfies, macro photos with good detalization – EUR 52.49

 Set M: 51x76 cm/20x30 in, 8700 pieces. It's a perfect way to represent a portrait of a couple or close friends – EUR 94,49

 Set L: 76x76 cm/30x30 in, 14 500 pieces. It suits ideally for images with several faces, and you can also create a picture of nature/flowers or your favorite pet – EUR 139,99

Set M includes an individual box with 8700 bricks divided by colours, 6 base plates, 18 connectors for them, 20 stickers to hang the picture on the wall, 1 dismantling tool to pull bricks apart, 1 mount for the finished picture and a manual with a code, so you’ll be able to generate an unlimited amount of pictures.

It will be a work of art created by yourself and a good reason to spend time together with people you love.

Steps of purchase:
- Choose the size that suits you (S, M, or L)
- Complete the order and provide us with your contact information
- In 7-10 days you receive your set and are able to upload any picture of yourself and create your own wall art
- Enjoy spending time with your nearest and dearest or choose it as a present for any celebration

What is a MOZABRICK constructor?

MOZABRICK construction set is a 2020 novelty! This is a unique photo construction set that allows you to assemble a picture in pixel art format from any photo an infinite number of times.

MOZABRICK construction sets are perfect both for a gift that will not leave anyone indifferent, and for spending time together with family and friends.

The assembly process is exciting; it’s especially interesting and fun to assemble MOZABRICK as a family.

If you have children, assembling a photo construction set will help not only develop hand motor skills, but also spend unforgettable leisure time, after which you will have the assembled picture as a souvenir.

One of the features of MOZABRICK construction set is that you can reassemble your set an infinite number of times, and you do not need to pay anything extra.

A picture made with MOZABRICK construction set will look very expensive and relevant in any interior.

You can see examples of assembled pictures on our YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM channels.

Which photo to choose for your picture?

You can use any image from cameras, from social networks, from phones or a photo on paper that you can scan and upload.

The higher the resolution (quality) of the main photo, the better the detail will be.

The best option for the main photo is a portrait image of one or more people with highly visible facial features.

The fewer fine details in the main photo, the better the result will be.

The instruction generator will offer you several options for assembling your photo to choose from.

How can I get instructions for assembling the constructor after purchase?

Each set contains a manual in which you will find your unique 6-character code. In the instruction generator, using the code, you can generate and receive instructions for assembling the picture to the e-mail you specified.

What is MOZABRICK constructor made of?

All elements of the constructor are made of odorless hard plastic. All required certificates are available.

What options for attaching and installing MOZABRICK constructors are there after assembly?

Each set contains a 3M double-sided tape, with which you can hang your masterpiece in any place you like. In the S set, there is a mount for putting the picture on any flat horizontal surface.

Will it be possible to detach a part if I attached it to the plate incorrectly?

Sure! Each set contains a special tool for detaching parts – a dismantling tool. You can read how to use the dismantling tool in the manual.

How long does it take to assemble a MOZABRICK constructor?

It all depends on the assembly speed. Usually several people are engaged in the process at once. On average, it takes 20-27 hours to assemble an L set with a size of 76×76 cm, 18 hours for an M set with a size of 51×76 cm, and 8-12 hours for an S set with a size of 51×51 cm.

What if I don't like the assembled constructor?

In order to avoid this, you can check how your picture will look in pixel-art format before purchasing and assembling, using a free instruction generator.

What happens if the set contains fewer parts than necessary, or some parts are lost?

We always put 5% more parts of each color than is actually required for the assembly. Nevertheless, if you suddenly encounter such a problem – just write to us at email: and we will solve it!

Will the photo I have uploaded appear on the Internet?

After the instructions are generated, all source materials are deleted.

Will a small child be able to assemble a picture?

Yes, with your help, a small child will be able to assemble a picture using MOZABRICK construction set, but due to the abundance of small parts, it is recommended not to leave the baby unattended. Construction set age limit is 14+.

You did not receive a letter with assembly instructions

Check the Junk Mail folder and correctness of the mail you specified. If there are no instructions, write to us at

Can you send me a finished picture?

We believe that the essence of the product is in the assembly process. Therefore, we do not provide such a service.

What if my question isn't on the FAQ list?

If you could not find the answer to your question, write to us at:

Box composition L

Package dimensions: 574x278x139 mm (23x11x5 in)
Package weight: 4500 g
Dimensions of the assembled picture: 76x76 cm/ 30x30 in
Assembly time: 27 h


  • 14500 bricks (2900 bricks for each of 5 colors)
  • 9 base plates to assemble the pixel art
  • 18 base plate connectors
  • 20 double-sized stickers to hang the picture on the wall
  • 1 dismantling  tool
  • 1 logo brick
  • 1 manual with the code for unlimited mosaic picture generation

Box composition M

Package dimensions: 295x277x114 mm (12x11x4 in)
Package weight: 2900 g
Dimensions of the assembled picture: 51x76 cm/ 20x30 in
Assembly time: 18 h


  • 8700 bricks (1740 bricks for each of 5 colors)
  • 6 base plates to assemble the pixel art
  • 18 base plate connectors
  • 20 double-sized stickers to hang the picture on the wall
  • 1 dismantling  tool
  • 1 logo brick
  • 1 manual with the code for unlimited mosaic picture generation

Box composition S

Package dimensions: 295х277х82 mm / 12x11x3 in
Package weight: 2000 g
Dimensions of the assembled picture: 51х51 cm / 20x20 in
Assembly time: 12 h


  • 5 800 bricks (1160 bricks for each of 5 colors)
  • 4 base plates to assemble the pixel art
  • 9 base plate connectors
  • 10 double-sized stickers to hang the picture on the wall
  • 1 dismantling  tool
  • 1 logo brick
  • 1 mount for the finished picture
  • 1 manual with the code for unlimited mosaic picture generation

Mozabrick takes great pride in our reputation for quality, and if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will assist you with refund or an exchange/credit option.  However, you can only return any item within 14 days of purchase date if the item is unused, unhandled, with the original packing and accessories still attached; which must be in its original condition. 

You are entitled to choose a refund, repair, exchange or credit if the products you have bought are:

- Significantly different to those shown or described to you.

We are happy to exchange/credit an item providing that:

- An email notification with the subject as: "Exchange Refund/Return Credit Request" was sent to us. You must have also received approved return authorisation letter from us, without it we are unable to proceed further.  The item must be returned within 14 days of the initial contact date, in its original packaging, in an unmarked condition and with your receipt as proof of purchase, if you have it.

- Changing your mind on products may be subject to credit or exchange of goods only, we will assess case by case.

- Orders for non-standard or custom-made items cannot be cancelled once production has been scheduled for manufacturing or after required materials have been purchased.

- An email notification, with the subject: "Return Credit", should only be sent if that goods are returned in its original, unmarked condition and that the packaging is in its received condition, so that we can re-shelf it, ready for the next order.  Please be aware that the cost of delivery itself may not returnable (the online price includes freight charges).

- Most items are returnable, except custom-made items.

- All items to be returned will be subject to a $15 base cost, plus a 7% to 15% restocking fee of total purchases (depends on the box sizes) and any additional applicable shipping fee for areas outside the metropolitan region.

- No refunds, exchange or credit of domestic and international air freight charges incurred by DHL, EMS and other similar carriers, are provided.

- No refunds, exchange or credit can be given for items that have previously been handled with, installed, soiled, damaged or broken. This includes items that are not in their original packaging.

Customers have to arrange their own carrier service and customers are responsible and liable for the freight charges and any insurance charges or matters associated with the return. Once we have received the returned items, we will examine the returned items according to our policy. Once we have completed the procedure, we will then issue the exchange/credit (minus restocking fee) according to our return policy within 96 hours. 

Return Policy for Good Quality Products:
1. Products with an identified case of factory liquidation, or good quality products, that for some reason do not fit, should be returned / exchanged within 14 days.
2. Products must be in the original package and in the form in which it was transferred to the buyer, including stickers, technical supporting documentation (instructions, descriptions, product passport), etc., included in the sales package of the product.
3. Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps are not eligible for a refund and exchange.
4. The seller is not responsible for products damaged as a result of transportation, except for cases of transportation by their own courier service.
5. The cost of transporting products for return or exchange and technical expertise have to be borne by the buyer.

You decide where your parcel is delivered.

Your parcel can be delivered wherever you wish: to your home, to work, to a hotel during vacation… We are able to deliver it to any address you have chosen, in any of the countries.


In order for you to receive your goods in the best conditions and without delays, we have chosen the following delivery companies

What your lead time?

Order processing time is 10 to 20 workdays. During these days we will check your order for quality, package it, print the labels and send your order to the shipping company.

Once the order has been processed, it will be shipped and you will get a tracking number.

Delivery time depends on the region, on average being between 4 and 6 weeks.

What is your shipping price?

Delivery costs $14.99 and we ship to every country for this price.

For the USA, in some cases shipping costs can be added to the price of the item. This applies to all goods exceeding a 600-800 mm width of the package. It doesn't apply to all States. And of course we will notify you of any extra expenses as soon as you make an order.

Do you have a products warranty?

Sure! Our product's warranty is 1 year.

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