Set L
Package dimensions: 574x278x139 mm Package weight: 4470 gr
Dimensions of the assembled painting: 76x76 cm
Number of parts: 14528 pcs
Assembly time: 27 h
      • Instruction with code
      • 9 fields 32x32
      • 18 fixing plates
      • 6 * 6 5 colors, 2900 cubes each Set of divider and cube logo
      • Set of 3M double-sided tape for attaching a picture to the wall.
        Do you like original photographs? Looking for an idea for an unusual gift? In all these cases, Mozabrick Photo Builder is exactly what you need! Here is one of the brightest novelties of 2020: a universal super puzzle that allows you to turn any photo into a cool picture of black and white pixel art style. Just 3 easy steps: 1. Buy a constructor (there are two options: 51x51 cm and 76x76 cm);
        2. Upload your photo to our website and receive instructions on how to assemble a mosaic;
        3. Collect the puzzle and enjoy how cool your favorite photo looks!

        And one unique detail: Mozabrick can be rebuilt as many times as you want!

        Tired of the picture? You can dismantle, select a new photo, upload it to the site, and assemble – then repeat as needed. Give yourself and your loved ones an endless amount of positive emotions with Mozabrick!