Why Mozabrick photo-constructor is a good idea for a present

"What is the best thing to present?" - every year it is highly difficult to find an answer on this question. Something functional and useful, like a fitness bracelet or a gadget case? There is no point: usually people really need things for themselves. Something cute and exotic, like a trinket or a souvenir? There is a great risk of not getting into the tastes of the person. Plus another important point: Aliexpress literally killed the culture of unusual gifts - the Chinese have everything, and they sell it all around the world. Now you don't need to go for exotics in distant countries, it's enough to buy from an online store, and this kills all the romance.

What remains? Creativity: gifts made with your own hands are now quite popular, but they have gradually begun to become. You can try to go on a broken track, or you can... take a step forward!

Give a person you love the original designer Mozabrick: a gift made not even by yours, but by his (this very person) hands!

The designer is just hitting novelty: relying on three most relevant trends at once, he did not have a single chance to become unsuccessful. We will tell you more!

What is Mosabrick?

Mozabrick is a superstructor from which you can collect any photo in a fashionable black and white pixel art. Yes, literally, anything you want - a portrait of yourself with your beloved person, your beloved pet, or create a cool urban landscape that complements the interior of the apartment. Complete freedom of choice, and not at the stage of purchase, but generally, at any time!

Everything works very simple:

  • You buy a universal puzzle - this is a large beautiful box with a huge amount of mosaic details. And there are two options:
  • Set S: allows you to collect a picture measuring 51x51 cm, which is great for bedrooms, children's rooms and other not too large rooms. In the box there are 5815 parts of five colors, fields for assembling a puzzle, fastening plates - in general, everything that is needed for assembling;
  • Set L: all the same, with much more details (14,528 pieces), and the picture will turn out to be 76x76 cm! This scale will look great in the living room or dining room.
  • Then just go to mozabrick.com, enter the access code from the box and upload the photo you want to turn into a picture. You can see how it turns out in advance - here;
  • Get detailed instructions for assembling a puzzle in PDF format: everything is simple and clear, even the child will cope;
  • Collect your picture according to this instruction, fix it in a prominent place, enjoy it;
  • Tired? Reassemble again - the process is infinite!

In fact, Mozabrick is a puzzle that will be what you want. And that's cool!

3 trends that make Mozabrick a real bomb!

Let's look at the sphere of gifts a little more closely: what is in fashion now?

Gifts made with your own hands

In the era of online stores, it became almost impossible to surprise with something that can be bought in finished form. That is why every year master classes, open lessons, creative spaces become more and more popular - any way to make an original and personalized gift that clearly expresses your personality and reflects the tastes of a gifted person.

Mozabrick really takes a step to a new level: due to the fact that its owner chooses his favorite image and can change this choice many times, the photo designer always remains relevant.

Present opportunities, not things!

Another trend of recent years: "Give not things, give impressions and opportunities"! Now it is believed that the value of almost any gift ultimately reflects the emotions and experiences that you get from it - and Mosabric is again ahead of the whole planet.

Together with this box, you give up to 12 hours to assemble a puzzle, pleasant minutes to choose a suitable photo and many days during which the collected picture will delight the eye. You give not just some kind of painting, but the whole process of its creation, the opportunity to feel like a creator - that’s what a modern person needs!

Pixel art

The more digital, detailed and elaborate our world becomes, the more popular nostalgic motifs are. Right now, blach and white paintings and pixel art are super trends in interior design, emphasizing the verified aesthetics of the situation and reflecting the creative nature of its owner.

The problem has always been that the pieces of art are difficult to present: what if they a person doesn’t like it? Mosabric bypasses this difficulty with elegant ease: the owner of the apartment himself will choose what he likes, he will collect his puzzle himself - accurate getting into the top ten is guaranteed!

Gift for any occasion.

Mozabrick is suitable for everyone! Adults and children, serious and frivolous people, families and people focused on a career - everyone has a favorite photo or picture, and a new look at it is invaluable.

You can give Mosabrick to your parents, friends, partners, and of course, you can always give Mozabrick to yourself. Do not put this matter in the long box: something new does not appear so often, and our photo designer is definitely one of the brightest of 2020!

Thank you for reading.
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